Safa Valley, Jammu


8 Boundary Builders Pvt. Ltd.


14681.667 Sq. m.


5.1 lakhs Sq. Ft.

Situated in Jammu where the apartment lifestyle is predominantly new, Safa valley is one of the first of its kind of affordable housing projects in the city. Unlike the modern nuclear lifestyle, the social structure in Jammu is still closely knitted within the populace. The idea of infusing a community vibe in a high rise development was the primary intervention; the design was ideated to deliver to the penchants of affordability and inclusivity in this case.
Mere three floors above ground expose a space to the panoramic view of the valley, an experiential aspect that became central to the idea behind the planning. Built on the thought of providing a sense of place within the apartment by allowing visual ownership of the valley, the planning was envisaged in the shape of an arc. Nestled along the edges of an elongated site, the convex surface of the buildings look outwards; having been pushed along the boundary side, the rooms provide users with a peaceful, meditative outlook.
At the heart of the programme, the community center encompasses built spaces and facilities for collective use. Gymnasiums, swimming pool, banquet, and additional closed spaces are provided at one of the corners of the site overlooking the park to provide what people cannot afford. This provides a necessary open space to interact and enjoy, thereby promoting collective participation and lifestyle on the ground.
The story of Safa Valley is one of inclusivity, where the ones who inhabit and the ones who maintain feel equally involved, informed and responsible about the scenario.
DFI has introduced a modern condominium culture and contemporary lifestyle that is affordable and inclusive to all the classes, with a vision to leave the place with a productive pattern and vision for development.