Surya Housing, Patna


Surya NestBuild Limited


211783 sq.ft


277876 sq.ft

Surya Signature Housing is a residential complex in Patna, Bihar developed around the idea of experiential living. This one-of-a-kind project comprises four hundred and fifty-two dwelling units and a wide array of amenities on a 4.8-acre stretch of land. To encompass the idea of a ‘home’, Design Forum International focused on designing a holistic campus with amenities and open spaces connected through pedestrian-friendly pathways.

The concept that dictates the design philosophy of this housing project is that a home exceeds the 1500 sq ft apartment one purchases. The first tower features mixed-use, with the first three floors dedicated to commercial activity and others consisting of 4-BHK tenements. The rest of the campus consists of homes with three and four bedrooms and a tower that houses EWS housing. A contiguous landscape connects the open spaces with the ground floor of the towers through meticulous stilt-level planning. The towers are interspersed with public spaces and various amenities throughout the site.
Crafted on the idea that ‘home’ is an experience that extends beyond one’s house, the Surya Signature Housing embodies experiential living, calmness and community, and offers respite to the inhabitant from the chaos of the outside world.