Vasant Vihar Residence, New Delhi


Orange and White Habitat


5618.76 Sq. Ft.


12916.69 Sq. Ft.

The residence starts from the premise of the Inter-weaving nature of spaces with functionality. Adopting an out-of-the-box approach, the spaces are designed to ensure maximum daylight penetration in all rooms, creating naturally-lit spaces and bringing the outside in. The practice of bringing the outdoors inside starts right at the parking level, which forms the entry to the house. Being a multi-residence project, the parking level typically associated with such buildings is plain, pure utilitarian, mundane and often dull. This house manages to bring life to the parking/stilt level by infusing it with manicured greens, outdoor seating and a breathing zone surreptitiously leading into the entrance lobby and lift after that and so forth!
The balconies hug the living spaces in a landscaped embrace; the edges softened by pebble trays and foliage to create a “floating gardens in the air”ambiance. The interplay of vibrant greenery and polished Italian marble marries the urban aesthetics with eco-sensitivity.
This house’s facade has been designed as a tribute to the crafts of the era gone by, an amalgamation of the modern and the classical. Stone panels have been used with Jali panels providing both the softness and intricateness of detailing. The entry points to the house proudly feature stone lanterns, serving as famous sculptures during the day and filtered light by night.
We at Design Forum International routinely play with the subtleties of material, there is a binding thread of experimenting with wood with all its richness of color and texture that finds its presence in the wall paneling and suspended ceiling panels. Lights are concealed and muted, accentuating where there is accentuation needed, soft everywhere else. Indoor lighting plays a supporting role in the natural infusion of light, of which there is plenty. The floor to roof glazing maximizes the North lighting while keeping the heat gain to a minimum.