Botanica, New Delhi


Aero Developers Pvt. Ltd.


1.30 Acres


0.70 lakh Sq. Ft.

Through its scale, massing, and materiality, Botanica aims to create a distinguished architectural character, conceiving an identity for itself as a boutique bio-luxury development, while providing spacious and functionally efficient environs for its residents. It announces itself as an exclusive development.
The apartment layout provides for entertainment spaces as a blend of indoor and semi-outdoor spaces; a large verandah is hewn in next to the living area. Instead of a typical master bedroom, Master suites are designed with a sitting area opening onto an outdoor deck. Wider spaces are crafted as opposed to narrow, and long rooms treat with all rooms being endowed with spacious balconies, including the lounge and living room that extend outwards overlooking the greens for sit-out and open entertaining balconies. Windows are designed to provide privacy from sibling units. Each of the 16 families would have access to the central, green oasis and recreational facilities that would be shared between them. A swimming pool, squash court, an open badminton court, and a tennis court are all accommodated on the plot of land that was rendered un-buildable, and a small area is fashioned into a private clubhouse, a gymnasium, and spa for leisure and entertainment. To overcome parking challenges, it was decided to accommodate 4 dedicated car parks and one visitor car park for every apartment. Most people need one multi-functional space, and hence the basement was divided into two parts and shared between the ground floor and the first floor. The biomass of the periphery green is intensified by accommodating 4 ft deep planters that are 8-10 ft. high along the boundary.
The visual character of Botanica also plays out the nature theme at several levels. The whole composition reads as a combination of tall, stark surfaces of textured stone cut horizontally with staggered balconies that resemble hovering planes of timber and crowned with a free sheet of stone that binds the whole into one composition of stone, timber, and glass nestled within a serene oasis of greens!!