Self Sufficient Green Building of Cyberwalk

Cyberwalk is an 18.40 lac sq. ft. office building which is conceptualized as a self-sufficient green building within a 150-acre information technology campus in Manesar, Haryana. Cyberwalk was born out of the idea of bringing man and nature together, within an office environment, which in turn, enables better ideation, creative thinking, evolving the intellect to attain excellence and innovation in a relaxed and tranquil working environment. The office space is amidst full beautiful trees, plants and lush greenery, far away from the methodical office space made of bricks and mortar only. The project is an attempt at creating a niche Office Space Development with an inimitable green environment, keeping the needs, obligations, and sensibilities of corporate end users in mind. Cyberwalk is a LEED Gold certified green development, that shows DFI’S commitment towards creating an environment-friendly, efficient and lower operating cost facility in line with the requirements of a corporate office occupier. ‘Head to the greener pastures’ is, therefore, an apothegm that Cyberwalk truly communicates.

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