The Significance of Architecture in Noida's Emerging Commercialisation

As Noida paves into becoming a prominent commercial hub in India, the role of architecture takes centre stage in shaping its urban landscape. Design Forum International, with its successful commercial and IT building projects in Noida, focuses on the vital aspects that contribute to the city’s commercial growth and the significance of architecture in Noida’s burgeoning commercialization.

Aesthetics and Identity:
Architecture plays a pivotal role in defining Noida’s identity as a commercial destination. Well-designed commercial spaces and iconic landmarks enhance the city’s appeal, leaving a lasting impression on investors, businesses, and visitors. One of our upcoming developments, the Eye of Noida (EON), at Noida, conceived two boulevards to intersect in a perpendicular manner to divide the plot into four distinctly identifiable sectors. Each sector is envisioned as a tower, connected by elevated skywalks creating a spectacle. Similarly, the GYGY Mentis, which employs two towers, is a multipurpose development by DFI in Noida and facilitates the retail section on the lower levels. It focuses on food and beverages and features a sleek and slender trellis, adding a feminine touch to the overall fabric. The retail section welcomes visitors on their arrival and features blends of water, alfresco seating, and cabanas adding to the aesthetic appeal.

Functionality and Efficiency:
The thoughtful architectural design ensures that commercial spaces are highly functional and efficient. From office buildings to retail complexes, each structure is carefully planned to optimize space usage and workflow, enhancing business productivity. Displaying such prowess, the EON employs vital features to replace the traditional glass box to create a landscaped street while offering flexible and adaptive spaces. Likewise, the GYGY Mentis balances the monotony of the straight-line towers by adding horizontal projections breaking the verticality. These breaks, along with the use of greenery, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Sustainable Practices:
Incorporating sustainable architectural practices aligns with Noida’s vision for a greener future. Environmentally conscious buildings attract eco-friendly businesses and contribute to the city’s sustainable development. Employing landscaping—designed to integrate indoor-outdoor spaces, offers a sensory experience, and promotes sustainability in the locality. In addition, a research-driven approach focusing on using dense trees, shading devices, green walls/roofs, and cooler pavements assists in reducing the urban heat island effect.

Embracing Smart City Concepts:
Noida’s architectural vision includes embracing smart city concepts. Technology-driven infrastructure enhances efficiency, security, and accessibility, providing a seamless experience to businesses and residents alike. Further, it entails designing efficient transportation systems, parking spaces, utilities, and amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational spaces within the facility to promote self-sustained living.
It’s worth noting that architectural significance is not limited to individual buildings but extends to cityscape and urban design. As Noida continues to evolve and experience commercial growth, the importance of thoughtful and sustainable architecture will continue to be crucial in shaping its future.