BDI Ambaram, Bhiwadi


Berry developers Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


13.7 Acres


8.55 lakhs Sq. Ft.

Located in Bhiwadi, the site is insulated from the urban chaos defining a future wholesome development. By offering safe, efficient and well equipped residential township, the project not only urbanizes but urbanizes well, fostering growth by giving people with higher-than-average residential options. The use of modular construction has helped in cutting down on the cost and construction time of the project.
In affordable housing like this, the amenities have been made to match with the initial price point and the maintenance costs during the lifecycle of the building. The housing scheme has been designed sensitively, keeping in mind the needs of the end user.
The site welcomes the visitors with a beautiful Palm lined entry boulevard. Spread across 13 acres, the housing is a Low-Density settlement since the cost of land was low, allowing for low-rise development. These low rise towers have been tastefully done, despite the costing. The economizing has been done by unit sizes, without compromising on the quality.
DFI chose the 8 to a core plan for dwelling units in the affordable segment; with fat plus shaped arrangement which has two units in each of its wings. As a result of the compactness of the cluster plan, the area required under circulation is substantially lower than a long corridor plan, with the added advantage of all units getting ventilation, light and most importantly, visual privacy from another unit.
Much attention has been given to the landscape details to integrate the functional and sustainable aspects of the design while offering the perfect outdoor setting and landscape zones. The landscape has been evolved with the design and development of the built spaces, adding value to the living experience of the residents, notwithstanding the amount of budget.

Photography: Andre J. Phanthome