Newsletter | Volume IV | April 2019
In the wake of unprecedented rural-urban migration, the housing crisis has been most talked about, with stakeholders across the nation struggling to keep up with this tectonic shift.
The prospects of better pay, modern living standards, and secure livelihoods drive internal migration — urban housing shortage is a direct consequence of this influx, and the situation has aggravated considerably in the last few years.
DFI’s persistent efforts to address the housing crisis is rooted in its inherent Nation Building quest. In light of this development, projects such as the Chintel’s Paradiso, MGIL Emerald Garden, Discovery Park by BPTP, etc. have been envisaged as environments where average Indians thrive–where the common man continues to sustain his aspirations­­­—ushering in new possibilities and securing a better life for his family.
These Group Housing schemes have been thoughtfully planned to serve middle-income households, manifesting as expressions of a dynamic, broad-minded and prosperous society. It is hoped that others in the fraternity join hands, as great change requires greater initiative, transparency and cooperation amongst all involved.
Microtek Greenberg, Sector 86 Gurugram
Green is a word that is reminiscent of freshness, nature and the environment. Born out of greenery, the Eden of Greenburg is imbued with the same mystical paean that runs through a lush countryside. Greenburg's resplendent aesthetics are a visible commitment to luxury and acres of artistic greenery- be it the grassy golf course or the verdure manicured lawns or the refreshing water features. As the name suggests, Greenburg is conceptualized from green open spaces, and the concept filters through the facilities, and the inside areas as well. All the towers are placed surrounding a huge green park, specially designed to accentuate the start to every single day. Every room in every apartment has been carefully designed keeping in mind the lifestyle and comfort of the people.
Stepping outside onto the spacious balcony, one is greeted by mile upon mile of lush greenery, shimmering pools of water nestled amidst golf putting greens, yoga lawns, and flower gardens. With all rooms boasting of an attached balcony, one can celebrate the magnificence of nature and feel positive energies seep into the being.
DFI in the News
Inside Outside | New Courts Block, Delhi High Court | April 2019
The New Courts Block, Delhi High Court was featured as the Cover Story of the April edition of Inside Outside Magazine.
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Outlook Money | April 2019
Real Estate: Demand and Supply Mismatch Solutions and the Way Forward
Today’s real estate scenario perceives the housing segment as a high-profit commodity, and considering the unprecedented demographic shifts across various cities, the corresponding urban demand for housing has risen manifold. It is presumed that this situation has fuelled the housing crisis, with the phrase ‘real estate recession’ now being peppered casually in daily parlance, and across various media platforms. Interestingly, there is a significant amount of unoccupied, unsold inventory. This discrepancy is not hard to decipher. 
Our Founding Patner, Ar. Anoj Tevatia shared his thoughts on solving the demand and supply mismatch in Real Estate sectors in India in an article penned for Outlook Money.
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DFI Learning
#dfilearning is a noble initiative that aims to redefine the learning experience among trainees and architects. The sessions are arranged in a manner that ensures creative, industry-relevant learning driven by interactive talks and discussions, coupled with presentations and product-displays.
Session 04 | #dfilearning
For the fourth session of #dfilearning, representatives of TATA Bluescope Steel organized a session on the utility of specially fabricated coated steel panels in roofing and façade applications in infrastructure projects like railway, metro stations, and airports.
Session 05 | #dfilearning
For the fifth session of #dfilearning, representatives of Elite Hauser came onboard to take a session on the utility of UPVC Doors and Windows in the construction industry.
Blog: Affordable Housing
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