Hospitality : A Part of Mixed Use development

A category with increasing popularity, as retail and mixed use developments increase along with commensurate increase in Floor area ratios (FAR), developments choose to incorporate hospitality components to the development, it works well for the development by bringing diversity , association with a hospitality brand.

The constructions of retails in the  world-over is preferred on the Ground to Second floors, therefore the balance FAR gets utilized in hospitality. Since  mixed-use developments  locate themselves on high footfall zones  like CBDs or high density residential neighbourhoods, the allied hospitality component benefits by default. also, benefiting the retail sector.

The mixed use infrastructures are mostly small to mid size properties with not more them 200 keys in one entire structure. The denomination is the hierarchy of rooms which are  either divided in 2 to 3 categories or have an exclusive service apartments. the another set can be the combination of above two categories but segregated in different towers or by different floors or separated by different access corridors.

The design consideration for the mixed use development is clean in terms of segregation of access to the units with respect to other components of the development by Segregated parking, valet , drop offs etc. The ease of access to the lower floors with retail facilities is the key criteria to make such developments. The retail or commercial sectors are easily accessible through the lobbies, lifts and escalators but at the same time not harming the security of the homes.

provision of smaller concierge lobby at the ground level coupled with regular lobby at the base floor of the hospitality segment. There is a Limited focus on options for food and beverages, idea being capitalizing on the options that the mixed use development has to offer. To make it more rousing there is a provision of recreational activities on the terrace and podium top.

MerchantPlaza is designed as a contemporary neighborhood shopping and commercial hub, a great example to explain mixed use hospitality development. The scheme is a blend of elements designed to please the 5 senses: Vision, Hearing, Touch, Fragrance and Taste. Merchant plaza has been conceptualized to address three distinct end-uses: Retail, Commercial and Hospitality. Giving the priority to the exclusivity of the end-use, the access points are segregated by means of separate lifts and staircases. The drop-off points are also separated, well- defined and earmarked for the respective zones of the development.

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