Eros Business Centre - A Spectacular Stepped Massing Structure

The Eros Business Centre is a commercial building located on the Southern Peripheral Road colloquially known as Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon. The building is intended to achieve clean floor plates that allow flexibility in dividing spaces into smaller units. The building has an impressive open entrance and frontage which makes the overall composition look spectacularly grand. DFI refuted the concept and design of a typical courtyard approach, and decided to craft a front consolidated open space and naturally-lit, closed areas. Multiple rows of trees along the boundary wall work towards creating a visual green buffer, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the frontage as well as acting a sound barrier between the building and outside environment. This building demonstrates the importance of energy-saving and environmental conservation by using film on the glass that allows for ample amount of natural lighting and admittance of only 32% of transmitted and re-radiated solar energy which is a green measure for building design, eventually resulting in lesser running costs. The angles of facade louvers are placed in such a manner that there is no direct sunlight at the working tables. Lighting design is planned with a combination of varied lighting systems to achieve optimal lighting effects in the different spaces.
The building is designed in a contemporary and a simplistic, minimalistic approach where the external façade is a combination of glass and aluminum with stone cladding and textured paint is used to highlight certain areas. Shops and Commercial spaces have simple plastered walls, cement concrete surface flooring with the frontage being highlighted through the aluminum framed glass façade. The flooring of the lobby and common areas are adorned with Italian marble and the walls and gypsum board are clad with Italian marble as well.  The placement of the core allows easy access to the different levels and the units inside. The building is planned with an RCC framed Structure and as an earthquake resistant building as per NBC norms.
All in all, this commercial and office space has been designed to encompass and incorporate all that DFI tenets, it is not only technologically apposite but also environmentally friendly and is designed to conserve and save energy. It is aesthetically attractive and as well as built to attain the highest efficiency while being cost effective.

Design Forum International is a young-old organization with almost 25 years of experience that has quickly set the right foot to be one of the best architecture firms in India. The firm is a vibrant mix of young and experienced professionals bounded by a common thread: the passion to design. An active contributor to the Nation Building drive and the Indian infrastructural boom, DFI holds vast industry experience in both national and international projects with millions of square feet of construction in a varied range of typology like Affordable Housing, Master planning, Mixed-use & Retail, Institutional as well as Healthcare. Some of DFI’s notable projects include the famous Select Citywalk mall, and the recently inaugurated New Courts Block of Delhi High Court., the ITO Skywalk, Delhi and the Dakshineshwar Skywalk in Kolkata. The Guwahati International Airport in Assam, designed by DFI is also under completion and is scheduled for completion in 2021.