Designing Government Buildings that Express Nation’s Unique Personality

Government buildings represent a window into the nation’s culture and political viewpoint, with its design helping isolate the unique personality and vision ingrained in the minds of politicians of that nation. The architectural expression of a civic space can help spark life in a usually lifeless design, the character of which helps communicate different elements of the design space.

Buildings are similar to living beings they also convey unique characteristics and meaning as any form of living being does, how these characteristics are expressed through elements of the building design make for the building having a personality.

Any building is said to be well designed when it expresses certain principles or communicates an implied meaning, referencing to the design space. The responsibility of how well the implied meaning is communicated and how easily it can be perceived by the populace befalls upon the architect of the building. The architect integrates certain elements that can correctly convey the message that any civic space is meant to while ensuring that they do not seem out of place.

Any piece of architectural design conveys a pre-specified set of principles to help understand the populace about the elements integrated into the design. Although, the aesthetics of a building will always remain subjective in the vision of an individual, difficult to gauge in terms understandable even if it makes sense in the mind of the designer.

Design Forum International, one of the best architects in India are adept at expressing the meaning of civic spaces and their contribution as Delhi high court architects has resulted in them being recognized as top architecture firms in India. Their experience of rebuilding the new court blocks of the Delhi high court has helped them proudly celebrate the nation’s history and our sovereign justice system, which applies firmly, equally and expeditiously to all.