Augmenting the existing infrastructure of Judicial System in India

“The infrastructure gaps shall not be allowed to multiply and should be addressed at the earliest opportunity before it leaves a deep scar on the administration of justice and it becomes too late to act wisely. Fiscal constraints is no excuse. The need is to strengthen the judiciary as a consequence of which the justice delivery system becomes fast, qualitatively responsive and serve the purpose of justice.” – Justice Dipak Misra

At a time when our nation is changing reforms across its sovereign judicial system, the need to revamp our judicial infrastructure is of the essence if we are to witness any positive conclusions to these efforts. One of the major issues that plague our nation’s justice delivery is with its antiquated infrastructure at the grass-roots level. This lack in availability of apt infrastructure has integrated deficiency in justice delivery for the entire nation. This lack of positive results requires active engagement from law-makers to ensure the changes in reforms does not make our justice system even more inefficient than it already is at the moment.

With the judicial system in India, one of the major revamps needed in the current framework is at the district levels of judicial infrastructure to ensure that the major reformations taking place bore fruitful conclusions. Generally, the blame of inefficiency in a nation’s legal system is caused by the lack of participation, although lack of accessibility of judicial infrastructure at the district levels is also responsible for a rise in the volume of pending legal cases across the nation.

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