The Journey of Success

Three young architects from IIT Kharagpur in 1995 christened an architecture practice which specialized and excelled in developing individual family homes. Initially called Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects, the practice rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI) in 2003 with a clear intention of fostering an egalitarian organizational ethos where distinctive architectural talent finds self-expression and can contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment. The practice has since grown from strength to strength and is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team of over 100 professionals, each pursuing a distinctive value based architectural spirit. We execute each piece of work undertaken with a deep sense of optimism, excellence and integrity keeping in mind that each project is a legacy for our future generations. While we play the role of an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture. Our prime objective is to achieve excellence in design, perfectly in balance to both time and cost. Our team is committed to emphasize communication and design for the people and environment. Having won many accolades for our works, we have emerged as an institution which attracts great design minds, who love to thrive in a professionally charged environment focusing on every detail and exploring new design methodology for every project.

DFI Portfolio:

Mixed-use and Retail: 11 Million sq. ft. |  Group Housing: 60 Million sq. ft. | Masterplan: 3000 Acres | Offices and IT Parks: 8.5 Million sq. ft.

Anand Sharma


Anand Sharma graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and started the practice Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects in 1995. In 2013, with the rechristening of the practice into DFI, he coined the slogan of “People first” and used his leadership and people skills to mentor and upscale the creative and intellectual horsepower. Apart from being a talented architect, he is also a talented singer and a literary enthusiast.

Anoj Tevatia


An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Anoj Tevatia co-founded design practice Tevatia, Chauhan & Sharma Architects in 1995, which was later rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI) in 2003. An architect and a visual enthusiast, his key strength lies in achieving distinctive concepts that form the cornerstone of remarkable architectural designs. His style is a blend of tradition and modernity –an amalgamation that pays reverence to context and materiality.

Goonmeet S Chauhan


An Architect, Urbanist, aspiring author and a futurist with boundless enthusiasm, Goonmeet S Chauhan established Tevatia, Chauhan & Sharma along with his two partners in 1995, which later gave birth to Design Forum International in 2003. He believes that architects must go beyond the stated brief and use their imagination to discern the dynamic flow of life that shall happen within the containers called buildings to create habitats that are birthed in their context and irradiate experiential joy and visual delight.

Ashish Jaiswal

Consultant Architect

Mr. Ashish Jaiswal graduated from Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad and joined us in 2002. He became an Associate in 2007 and Senior Associate in 2009. He has vast experience of renowned Group Housing & Retail Projects.

Girish C. Joshi

Asst. Director

Girish C. Joshi is organized and well informed of latest trends in Architecture specially Green Building. While working with various well known architecture consultancies both at National & International level he has acquired experience in Designing Building like Hotel, Retail, Group Housing etc. His prestigious projects are Select City walk - Delhi, Cyber walk IT Park - Gurgaon and many more.

Anil Kalra

Asst. Director

Mr. Anil Kalra joined Design Forum International in 2001 as a Junior Architect and has risen to the position of an Assistant Director. He has been involved in many projects like Shopping malls, Commercial complexes, IT Parks, Group Housing and Residential projects of different magnitude in various part of the country.

Chanchal Jain

Asst. Director

Mr. Chanchal Jain completed B. Arch from DCRUST, Murthal, Haryana in 2003. Having an experience of more than 8 yrs with various organization in Indian & Overseas for Architecture and interior Project. Involved in all stages of the project i.e. from starting to completion. Presently he is handling Group Housing and Commercial projects.

Anuj Prabhakar


Mr. Anuj Prabhakar graduated from C.R. State College of Engg., Murthal, Haryana. During the initial period of his professional career he worked on institutional, Residential and Interior projects. Theseprojects help him to explore the execution knowledge on site along with services. These projects gavehim immense confidence to work on the bigger scale projects. He has good hands on experience and expertise of Group Housing Projects.

Smirati Bhatnagar

Design Head

One of the lead project designers at DFI, Smirati"s key strength lies in conceptualizing the project and meeting the client"s expectations and requirements during its early stages. Her interior design background and great attention to details and aesthetics, ensures a final product of unparalleled standards. She has worked in the designs and planning of the award winning projects like MSWT.

Veer Bahadur Singh

Sr. Associate

Veer Bahadur Singh joined Design Forum International as an architect in 2008. With ten years of experience, he now heads the residential and interior design team.

We are overwhelmed by all the recognition for our work by the peers & the industry.

Bharat Jyoti Award VM & RD Retail Design Awards Building Information Bureau (BIB) Society Interiors-Building Design Award 2011 Images Shopping Center Awards 2013 Grohe NDTV Design and Architecture Awards 2014 Reality Plus Excellence Awards 2015 Cityscape Awards 2016 (shortlist) IIA National Awards for Excellence in Architecture 2017 (shortlist) Outstanding Paper and Design Work - Helix Tower at UIA 2017 Seoul Congress Grohe NDTV Design and Architecture Awards 2017 Construction Week Awards 2018 Top Architectural Firm, Index Excellence Awards, IFJ, September 2019

We Provide Global Construction

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We Provide Global Construction