Park View SPA, Gurugram


BESTECH India Pvt. Ltd


12.89 acres


1 5.35 Lakh Sq.Ft.

The underlying thought to the design is to have open spaces around buildings than the other way around, like it so often happens. The master planning focused on the aspect of greens interweaving around the built-form, meandering in shape and treatment but present nevertheless so that the user never feels out of touch with the nature. The resultant green spaces have thereafter been molded and adapted to suit the various uses that a large condominium project needs and demands.

Very often in the pursuit of combining open spaces one tends to concentrate the built-forms, it was a special and conscious effort to not allow that “wall” effect to happen, not only because it is over-bearing and mammoth but it also adversely affects the growth of vegetation in the enclosed open spaces. The clusters are designed to facilitate adequate sun and cross ventilation to the apartments, which themselves are mostly three side open, allowing expansive views of the greens within the site as well as predominantly low-rise neighborhood of Malibu Towne and Sector 47 that these towers fall adjacent to. The units are linear, certainly on account of the need to keep them so to facilitate minimum obstruction to other apartments on the same floor, as much to allow for the public, semi-public and private spaces hierarchy to happen. Built in the Sector 47 of Gurgaon, the project epitomizes luxury in residential spaces. The theme is contemporary, the treatment meticulous. Materials snugly fit with each other to create the ambience of unmitigated finesse and style. Spa or Sanus Per Aquam means ”Health through Water “. The intent was to create “Vertical habitats” in synergy with the Elements of SUN, AIR and WATER. Sunrise view, sunset view, flowing breeze through the cross ventilated habitats, treated water bodies and pool create habitats close to nature.