NIT, New Delhi


NIT, Delhi


51.5 Acres


33 Lakh Sq. Ft.

Conceived as the first vehicle-free campus built on the principles of sustainability and design innovation, the NIT Delhi campus is sited on over 2 lakh sq. m. of site area on the outskirts of Delhi. The campus aims to create an environment that will invoke the spirit of innovation, technology, and invention. The design is driven by the focused themes of crafting a unique, educational/research environment in the technology/engineering domain for about 5000-8000 students.
Optimizing the scale of the 56 acres site, the intent was to ensure that distances could be covered by foot and that one would not require any vehicles to commute from one building to another internally, yet enable openness that was devoid of clutter and congestion.
The planning for this gold LEED rated campus is derived conceptually from the intent of zoning and building segregation and is mainly divided into 4 Units that include the Administration block, Academic Block, Cultural Block/convention center and the residential complex with each zone imbibing its social fabric.
An Innovative approach to landscaping that retains the topsoil and trees of the campus further enhances the green attitude where the plazas are shaded and interspersed with green cover and trees.
Designed to be India’s most extensive library cum lecture complex, a contemporary, landmark Learning Centre demonstrates a cutting-edge technology. At the bottom is a green space that ensures a healthy environment and a solar roof is inclined to catch maximum sunlight during the day.