Guwahati City Centre


Brahmaputra Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


12352 sqm


40112.65 sqm

Guwahati City Centre reinvents the customary introverted idea of mall-based retail as a more extensive looking experience that engages with the vision of urban life. Its design is a highly innovative response to the culture and climate of the Guwahati city, while also demonstrating its pioneering aspirations to create inspirational civic spaces for all.

The new Guwahati City Centre occupies the most pivotal position in the city, like a massive retail bridge between the two busiest roads of Guwahati i.e. the Guwahati -Shillong aka G.S. Road and the Zoo Road. The mall embraces some of the big brand retail showrooms,theatres and offices. With the mandatory norms of attaining 40 percent ground coverage and 2.25 F.A.R, the biggest challenge was the water table level of the site that was recorded to be 0.5m below the site level. Since, the provision of parking was then restricted to the ground and the only basement, therefore mechanical parking has been employed to accommodate nearly 400 passenger car vehicles and 100 two wheelers altogether.

The design of Guwahati City Centre is a celebration of the Sun, using the abundant daylight through the atriums, thereby creating a special ambience within.By offering an alternative to the globalized one-size-fits all shopping mall, the Guwahati City centre is one of the largest malls in the Guwahati city. It combines pre-dominant mix of apparels and high-street retail in vanilla format, luxury goods boutiques, fine dining and informal food-court sitting right at the belly of the atrium.

Guwahati City Centre is an important commercial intervention designed with strategic environmental planning, massing and orientation to maximize natural lighting and ventilation accompanied with the norms of universal accessibility, the static notions common to the vernacularism of the City of Eastern Light.