Newsletter | Volume XXX | September 2018


India has fast metamorphosed from being a third-world country to the fastest growing economy. The graph has been erratic, and not smooth, interrupted and interspaced with multiple events, economic boundaries, fluctuations and hurdles, but the country has always been able to cut past the boundaries and surge forward. We are the land that almost everyone across the world is invested in, be it financially, professionally or at the least, emotionally. DFI continues to contribute to this metamorphosis- the once in a lifetime opportunity of being a part of “Nation Building”.

In the September issue of our newsletter, we discuss with you three of our upcoming projects through which we have tried our maximum to contribute positively to the infrastructure boom- the ITO Skywalk, New Delhi, the Dakshineshwar Skywalk, Kolkata and the Vanijya Bhawan, New Delhi. While two of the aforementioned are important public utility projects, the Vanijya Bhawan will house the Department of Commerce, Government of India. In the growth curve of India, we, through our projects are trying our best to aid to the cause and contribute actively to the cause of building our motherland, the incredible nation that is India!

ITO Skywalk, New Delhi
Capital’s busiest junctions for vehicular and pedestrian traffic will soon have a solution to all its problems with Delhi’s longest pedestrian foot over-bridge (FOB), the ITO Skywalk.

The junctions cater to around 25 major offices and institutions in the city including a very robust, well-networked public transportation system.

The design intent of the project was to make a Free on Board (FOB) skywalk, to allocate the mobility flow at the junctions with the idea of catering to this density on a daily basis in the absence of free-flowing pedestrian walkways. This would also avoid the haphazard management of the people using the railway tracks to cross Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.
Other Projects
Vanijya Bhawan, New Delhi
Vanijya Bhawan is going to be the new office of the Department of Commerce, Government of India. It is being built on 16 A Akbar Road on a plot of 4.38 acres. The plot is bounded by Rajpath greens on the north side, Man Singh Road on the west side, Akbar Road on the south side and India Gate Hexagon on the east side. It has been designed as a Smart Building and as a Green building with 4 star GRIHA rating. It is also designed for universal accessibility so physically disadvantaged persons can navigate and use the premises conveniently. The requirements for confidentiality and high security have also been addressed in the design.
Dakshineswar Skywalk, Kolkata
Unveiling the plans for the Dakshineswar Sky Walk, an urban intervention designed to improve traffic and movement leading to the Dakshineswar Kali temple in Kolkata, India. The project focuses on the primary concerns which are segregation of traffic and pedestrian movement. Further segregation of traffic into motorized and non-motorized, ensuring livelihood of the shop keepers. Ease of movement, comfort and safety of the devotees along with seamless connectivity from point of disembarkation to the temple gates for the devotees.
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