Newsletter | Volume XXX | September 2018


At DFI, we are always aiming to be a significant player in the booming infrastructural growth. We strive to add our little value to the process of nation-building by continually solving infrastructural issues and rolling out designs that add feathers to the caps. The Guwahati International Airport, designed by us will almost triple footfall once it is complete, enhancing air transport to the North-East, thereby rapidly boosting connectivity, hence helping in the socio-cultural upliftment of the seven sister states. The Dakshineshwar Skywalk provides a quick walkway for the Temple-bound footfall in Kolkata, providing the much-required segregation of traffic. It also frees the roads from the pedestrian crowd, thereby helping in maintaining optimum road activity. The ITO Skywalk solves the pedestrian access problem by providing a Free-to-Board skywalk that will provide walking commuters with a sustainable alternative walkway.

We aim to be a significant player in building the nation up in its journey to a first world entity, one step, one building at a time.

ITO Skywalk, New Delhi
The ITO Skywalk sits in one of the prime transportation nodes catering to around 25 significant offices and institutions in the city including a very robust, well-networked public transportation system. There is a substantial rush of pedestrian traffic at these junction points all through the day, especially during the peak office hours.  This junction was in urgent necessity of a pedestrian system for the natural mobility of the pedestrians and to reduce risks of accidents as well.

The Skywalk solves the problem by making this a Free on Board (FOB) skywalk, to allocate the mobility flow at the junctions. By creating a physical configuration towards the mobility infrastructural network to providing commuters with a connectivity of a sustainable alternative network, a better reach is enabled amongst the cross junctions in the busy ITO neighborhood of the dense metropolis city of New Delhi.

By understanding Urban Density that comes with its complexities to cater to Urban Infrastructure, the skywalk manifests itself as a tool to address the issues of identity in urban infrastructure and mobility. The constant aim has been to provide a solution that allows New Delhi to expand, and not implode.

Other Projects
MCG Cultural Center in Gurgaon is a functional, convenient and a safe public space responding to the urban fabric and surroundings. The project is a cultural building with latest technology being sustainable at the same time.
DFI is involved in the design of elevated metro stations. Originally associated with development of what will be the 'special character' stations; DFI have also covered the prototype station designs.
DFI Achievements
DFI's founder and partner Goonmeet Singh Chauhan at the Construction Week India Awards 2018 after winning Green Project of the Year for New Courts Block- Delhi High Court.
DFI's founder and partner, Anand Sharma being felicitated at Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing 2018.He was one of the jury members for FOAID, Residential Villa Bungalow Category.
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