Newsletter | Volume III | March 2019
While it’s true that the affordable housing sector has taken the nation by storm, the retail sector isn't far behind, undergoing a sea change in its form and function.
Characterized by the growth of consumerism post liberalisation, the retail typology has witnessed tectonic shifts in form and function; serving as a catalyst for a new urban mileu. Although mall culture is on a gradual decline, the coming decades are welcoming a series of new retail spaces that accommodate multiplexes, designer brands, and food outlets, in addition to warehouses and logistics spaces.
At DFI, we take pride in our resolve and perseverance towards nation building, and in carrying the torch of this current development forward, landmark projects such as the Select CityWalk have set a new benchmark for the quality of city life that every Indian aspires to.
AIPL Joy Street, Gurugram
AIPL Joy Street is an emerging centre in the heart of Gurugram — a mixed-use development entailing exceptional retail and entertainment facilities, in addition to serviced apartments.
Inauguration, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
Inst. of
Archaeology, Gr. Noida
An edifice that celebrates India’s relevance and contribution in the field of archaeology, the Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Institute of ASI—under the Ministry of Culture was inaugurated on Saturday, March 09, 2019. The project, in collaboration with the NBCC, marks the advent of cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure for public buildings.
Aligned with the cardinal axes, the complex rests on a square grid and capitalizes on new and cost-effective construction technology through its use of prefabricated steel units, economical shuttering techniques, as well as flat-slab and post-tensioning systems.
Exuding a quiet, dignified, yet imposing symmetry of form and planning, the architecture pays homage to India’s glorious past, through use of exposed brickwork in lime mortar, corridors flanked by monumental arches, and triple height, voluminous display halls.
Incorporating energy efficient building measures, including PV panels, double-glazed units and green roofs, the new buildings target a 4-star GRIHA rating.
Inauguration of Kaushal Bhawan, Chanakyapuri
The foundation stone for the new office of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) at Chanakyapuri was laid earlier this month. Christened ‘Kaushal Bhawan’, the building is designed on the principles of sustainability, and contextuality. Using BMS (Building Management Systems) for automatic fault detection, the 22,000 square-metre complex, executed under the NBCC, employs a composite structure, with steel forming the superstructure reinforced with an RCC frame with diaphragm walls for earth retention around trees.
DFI in the News
SSMB Magazine | Guwahati International Airport | February 2019
The design for the new terminal formed the cover story for the magazine last month– the airport being a response to the city’s growing air traffic and its presence as a dynamic force in the northeast.
Events: High-Rise India 2019
Our Principal Architect, Anoj Tevatia attended the Tradepass High-Rise Indian Summit, earlier this month. He shared his insights on how Vertical Urbanism can transform communities. Commenting on the evolution of Indian City skylines, he iterated on 'thinking vertical,' through the creation of open public spaces and social infrastructure above ground level.
DFI Learning: Session 02
#DFILearning is a noble initiative that aims to redefine the learning experience among trainees and architects. The sessions are arranged in a manner that ensures creative, industry-relevant learning driven by interactive talks and discussions, coupled with presentations and product-displays.
The second session at the DFI Learning Centre saw Mr. Pankaj Gupta deliver a power-packed lecture on estimation of building costs. Discussions included the basic procedure for calculating the approximate budget of a building.

Blog: Affordable Housing
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