Newsletter | June 2017 | Volume XIX
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Welcome to the June edition of DFI newsletter! 
Master planning a green field educational campus is perhaps the most coveted and fulfilling assignment an architect can undertake, it being synonymous to inspiration, innovation, incite full discussions, free spirited disruptive and constructive activities. A heady mix of formal and informal learning designed as the future of India, the campus aims to create an environment inspiring students through its built volume, hence inspiring the students.
Instilling the 'spirit of adventure' by demonstrating the courage to experiment with materials and forms.
Instilling the 'spirit of perseverance' by stretching the limits of newness and pursuing it to completion.
Instilling the 'spirit of diligence' by demonstrating refined detailing and thoughtfulness.
Instilling the 'spirit of discipline' by following an orderly design vocabulary and efficient space planning.
Instilling the 'spirit of contextuality' where continuum and change are inextricably interwoven.
A Step towards sustainability | The idea is to create a “Symbolic Green Campus” offering spaces that are useful and sustainable. Various aspects of sustainability are incorporated since the time of construction such as the use of energy efficient materials, universal accessibility from public transportation, naturally day-lit interior spaces, and using the water elements in the landscape to create a micro-climate for the campus while keeping the environment cool.
We got an appreciable response. Results out soon!
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