Newsletter | Volume XIII | February 2020
Judicial Infrastructure of the New Era Uniting History, Placemaking & Innovation

We at DFI are proud to be a part of this great nation, that is actively participating in preserving our civic space and renewing the sense of pride in every citizen. With the lifetime opportunity to design ‘The New Courts Block’, The Delhi High Court, the building is the new face of justice for the city that has set the precedent for buildings for Judiciary across the country. The in-depth study serves to be an invaluable prototype to comprehend Court Building design in India.   Anticipating nation-building projects, the design, and construction journey of ‘The New Courts Block’, The Delhi High Court encompasses the vision of the DFI Team and their passion that is driven by the egalitarian organizational ethos to contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment, down to the smallest detail. 

The Delhi High Court | Making of the New Courts Block A Book
Solemnizing the completion of the new building, the book “The Delhi High Court, Making of the New Courts Block” is authored by the DFI Principal Goonmeet Singh Chauhan. Tracing the history of India's judiciary system and its interpretation in the architecture of the annex building, the book signifies and celebrates the renewal of one of the most significant civic spaces present in the state. It introduces the reader to the history of the architectural buildings in the vicinity and serves to be an invaluable tool to get a deeper comprehension of the working of the Courts in India. 
DFI in the News
DFI Learning Session
In conversation with Prof. Samir Mathur
Professor Samir Mathur is the founder of Integral Designs International Studio and is an expert in landscape architecture. During the engaging informal dialogue between the professor and the DFI team, he motivated our young minds to have an open window to master one’s pursuit in landscape architecture, as it offers a great career trajectory and ecological wisdom with ‘Green is the only Future’.
In-house Presentation | by Anil Kalra & his team
At the DFI Learning Centre, this month, our team indulged in an introspective dialogue and discussed the complex undertakings of building design at the urban scale.  
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