Newsletter | Volume II | February 2019
Land is a limited commodity; and with a rapidly urbanizing nation, affordable housing has become the need of the hour. Housing shortage is a crisis that has plagued India for decades, and architects have come up with simple, cost-effective solutions, but such schemes are executed mostly in relative isolation, with little overall effect, creating ripples of change that lose their essence in the conundrum of this aggravating socio-economic situation.
Design Forum International hopes to add new meaning to the affordable housing typology, raising the bar through novel ideas and a multiplicity of architectural interventions. Affordable housing is driving growth in real estate, and the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna (PMAY) has reinforced its role as a gamechanger in wake of the surging middle class.
Our #NationBuilding venture argues that building homes for our citizens is as much a facet of this philosophy as the erection of public monuments and ambitious edifices. Affordable homes must be designed sustainably and in equal measure in order to allow the citizens to flourish, and thereby better contribute to the economy. DFI makes the case through exemplary solutions, such as the Devaan housing scheme, conceived as Haryana’s first affordable housing project; and the BDI Ambaram that breathes fresh life into a residential township in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.
The projects foster growth by offering residents above-average lifestyle options. Modular construction brings down costs, and amenities have been made to match the initial prices and maintenance costs during the building’s lifespan. Landscape itself forms a core component of the design, a means by which to engage residents and enhance livability.
An egalitarian thought process underscores our resolve to build affordable homes. As shapers and humble participants in the urban realm, it stands to reason that we commit purposefully to drive such change for the future.
Devaan, Sector 84, Gurugram
One of Haryana’s first affordable housing projects, the client, Pivotal Infrastructure wanted Devaan’s strategy to be rooted in cost control by maximizing efficiency. The project’s success lies in its ingenious use of shear walls to form a robust structure, thereby reducing the thickness of walls and slabs without undermining building stability.
Devaan reflects a sensibility of design that is empathetic to its users. Not only it serves to deliver the essential functions of a dwelling but makes an effort to reach further in providing its inhabitants a sense of community life, participation, and ideals. This affordable housing project presents a landmark value to the state that will continue to define the ethics of design practice for years to come.
Launch of Navami Landmaark, Bengaluru
Navami Landmaark, a cluster of four residential buildings will be launched on March 3rd, 2019. Located at bustling Mysore Road, adjacent to the Bangalore University Metro Station, the towers aim to bring nature back into the scheme of things.
The intent has been to integrate the Hindu architectural philosophy of Vastu by circumventing the basic methodology that guides the design of apartment buildings. We expounded on Vastu’s fundamental aspects of climatology and spirituality, resulting in the formation of meticulously planned units on every floor plate. Each unit has been crafted as an individual entity, rejecting the general practice of iterative planning. Four distinct units coalesce around the core to form a single floor plate, and the buildings soar to 34 storeys in height.
The venture shelves the general notions of creating monumental edifices of steel and concrete, focusing rather on creating soft, mellow and delicate, albeit sturdy dwellings that inspire people, sustain their affinity towards nature and improve the quality of life.
DFI in the News
DFI found voice in NDTV Hopstart, where Ar. Anand Sharma pitched forth compelling insights into the relevance of pursuing architecture as a career. In addition, The New Courts Block, Delhi High Court got featured on ArchitectureLive. 
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DFI Learning: Session 01
#DFILearning is a path-breaking initiative by Design Forum International that aims to re-introduce the learning experience into the studio culture. The sessions are arranged in a manner that ensures holistic learning, exposure to innovative ideas and products, and thought-provoking talks by industry experts.
The introductory theme revolved around preparing an architectural project for publication.
Events: High-Rise India 2019
Ar. Anoj Tevatia has been invited to be part of the jury committee at the High-Rise India Summit and Awards, on March 12 and 13, 2019, in Mumbai.
Blog: Nation Building- Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian safety in India demands attention, and DFI encourages its adoption as a fundamental tenet in urban design.
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