Newsletter | February 2018 | Volume XXV
The New Integrated Terminal Building of the Guwahati International Airport
At Design Forum International, designs are aimed at creating memorable and awe-inspiring experiences for the users. The new integrated terminal building of the Guwahati International Airport is conceptualised in a similar vein: the intent is to trigger moments of discovery and togetherness, enhancing user engagement. DFI also believes that it is important to be contextually reverent. The design, therefore, is infused with the flavors of Assam, the land which is asam (undulating).
The form of the structure takes inspiration from Icarus – the mythological figure who dared to fly. The majestic centrepiece is symbolic and looms over the departure concourse, its arms outstretched as it reaches out to the skies.
While designing, Origami served as a guide to the architects – a companion and a tool as they delved into the evolution of form. it finds expression in the terminal roof, the flooring patterns, the column cladding, the theme walls, and even the signage design.
Air travel can be quite taxing – emotionally as well as physically. The design solution emerges out of the intent to soothe frayed nerves and tired bodies, and to create an environment that evokes memories, stirs wonder, and rekindles pride and a sense of belonging. Therefore the need to create spaces that would involve and stimulate, and not just deliver and facilitate emerged 
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Project Commencement Ceremony
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Landscape and Lighting Design: Integral Design
Signage: Alpana Khare Graphic Design
Facade: Axis Facade
Project Management Company: AECOM
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