Newsletter | Volume XXX | August 2018


Inauguration of the New Courts Block
Delhi High Court
Dear Readers,

Welcome to DFI monthly digest- This month's newsletter focuses on nation building. 

India is changing...

It is said that a young human body grows the fastest during sleep; a similar analogy fits the growth pattern of our nation, the “sleep” metaphorically translated into “while we were complaining about our lives”.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru compared the industries and institutes of excellence (context being IITs) to the modern temples for what were then the nascent stages of India’s development. If he had been around today, he would have liked to add the infrastructure behemoth that is being added to the landscape. We are growing infrastructure at a scorching pace, adding roads, railways, and airports, metro stations in the transport segment. We are also adding education health-care, judicial complexes and other civic infrastructure to keep pace with the demographic transformation of our nation.

At Design Forum International, we have been witness to this still unfolding journey from being a third world country to the fastest growing economy, the land that almost everyone across the world is invested in, whether financially, professionally or at the least emotionally.

to contribute to this metamorphosis- the once in a lifetime opportunity of being a part of “Nation Building”.

The New Courts Block of the Delhi High Court was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra on July 25, 2018. Designed by DFI's (TCS Architects) partner Goonmeet Singh Chauhan, the building is a representative of how the Indian Judicial infrastructure has evolved, while upgrading the capacity with contextual reference.  The new block creates a visual vocabulary that could bridge 500 years of discordance with a harmonious note. 
To celebrate the opening of the New Courts Block, Goonmeet Singh Chauhan also authored a book titled 'The Delhi High Court- Making of the New Courts block', which solemnises the completion of the project. Commemorating the making of the new annexe, the book traces the history and backdrop of the Delhi High Court through magnificent photography, captivating drawings and scholarly text.
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