Newsletter | April 2017 | Volume XVIII
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Welcome to the April Edition of DFI Newsletter
Working in close collaboration with the clients, DFI achieves sustainable, innovative, master planning solutions that are most appropriate to the specific conditions of a site, city or region, and the aspirations of the communities who use them. At DFI, we aim to deliver high quality developments keeping in mind that the outcome of the effort and investment will affect the social, economic and environmental culture. 
With projects all across the country DFI intends to bring about positive change in the social, economic and cultural well-being of places and people.
Our Vision of Master Planning and Township Development

At Design Forum International a ‘Masterplan’ is a structure within which a place or locality is encouraged to develop or change architecturally. Cities are modifying, the dynamics of it are fluctuating and changing at a very fast pace, read more...
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