Grappling the Rising Urbanized Demographic, India is an Embodiment of Affordable Housing Development

Affordable housing in India is still considered in its infancy, although the conventional image outlined in the consumer’s perception is that these affordable housing projects are not habitable, because of poor planning and bad infrastructure development. These housing projects are all set to boom in the forthcoming period due to the implementation of several favourable regulations, schemes and complete backing of the government for large-scale development of affordable housing amid an increase in the demand-supply gap. This widening demand-supply gap is caused by several factors such as population shift to urban areas, job creation, better affordability and increased awareness amongst consumers regarding the availability of necessities in these houses such as sanitation, utilities, secure homes and personal safety.

Few of the major issues with affordable housing have been streamlined in recent times, and the complications arising with lack of affordability for conventional housing projects and luxurious living are helping improve the rate of consumption for affordable housing from the consumers. Affordability in the housing sector is essentially establishing houses and infrastructure to provide equal opportunities for disadvantaged/poor households.

The primary solution is to develop more inclusive and collaborative housing projects for low-income families which are more compassionate to the residents of these households. The residents of these households had to think twice before shifting themselves along with their families, as the social taboo and convention restricts them with going forward while leaving a negative impact on their dignities. Although, the social issues and taboo are being restrained to a certain extent with the help of individuals already residing in these households creating a more inclusive community for themselves and their future neighbours, reducing the negative impacts of social conventions and taboo prevalent in the society.

Design Forum International – one of the top architecture firms in India has been at the forefront of the nation-building process while inducing India into a more refined residential country backed by the government’s affordable housing scheme and regulatory compliances which have helped them fasten up the development process, with our projects constituting of affordable housing, green buildings, institutional architecture and commercial architecture designs.