DFI - Setting a Benchmark in Building Institutions Across India

Design Forum International comprehends that an ‘Institution’ is a space where growth, progression, and evaluation of ideas occur. Institutions are the prime and profound source of direction and erudition. DFI has designed Institutional buildings which are exemplary in terms of safety, durability, energy efficiency, environmental and thermal performance, as well as aesthetics. The firm works tirelessly with its clients from the design phase to completion, providing them with the most appropriate construction solutions while ensuring maximum energy efficiency, safety, resilience and aesthetic beauty of the buildings. It also lays great importance to the form of the structure of the institutional building that it is creating and acknowledges that the structure must have an identifiable appearance and character and lays great importance on the landscape design to enhance the building itself.

Design Forum International’s proficient planning and design donate to achieve the institution’s mission, functional efficiency, and reputation and intensify the desired sense of place. They also believe that the built and natural environment should be conceived and developed as a unified and integrated design plan. Institutional Buildings built by DFI are habitually grand and impressive in design, aesthetics, and innovation. Design Forum International has the expertise and talent to work with institutions of all kinds and to ensure that the design deals with all the interrelated components.