The journey of success

In the year 1995, 3 young architecture graduates from IIT Kharagpur started an architectural practice called Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects. The practice specialised and excelled in developing individual family homes. In 2003, the practice was rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI), with a clear intent to foster an egalitarian organisational ethos where distinctive architectural talent finds self-expression and can contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment. The practice has since grown from strength to strength and is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team of over 100 professionals; each pursuing a distinctive value based architectural spirit that DFI imbues. DFI executes each piece of work undertaken with a deep sense of optimism, excellence and integrity, keeping in mind that each project is a legacy for our future generations. While DFI plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture. DFI"s prime objective is to achieve excellence in design, perfectly in balance to both time and cost. Our team is committed to emphasize communication and design for the people and environment. Having won many accolades for our works, DFI has emerged as an institution which attracts great design minds; who love to thrive in a professionally charged environment focusing on every detail and exploring new design methodology for every project.

DFI Preamble

Our Habitats shape and influence our lives profoundly and, therefore as custodians of the Built Environment where much intervention are necessitated in the name of Capacity up gradation, we feel the need to emphasize inclusion of contextuality and conservation in our thoughts and designs.

If words were a repository of thoughts and ideas then DFI's current thought process is captured thus:

To     Play-IN into the continuum as opposed to playing OUT an egoistic expression of Disruptivism.

To     Embellish with thoughtful contemporary interventions echoing the aspirations of our times while discarding architectural vestiges.

To     Animate with meaningful newness combining the use of a problem-solving approach with sensitive and delightful Urban Artistry...

To     Being reverend to the substantive context, both Immediate and Cosmic.

To     Pursue a practice of Architecture with a Conscience; A Karmic Architecture.. that Belongs to its PEOPLE and its PLACE.


  • Anand Sharma PartnerExperience : 23+ years
    With his extensive expertise in architecture and engineering, Anand is an exceptional team leader possessing the capacity to carry a project from initiation to final production. His strength lies in his ability to manage projects with overlapping disciplines at the same time applying both quality and budget control. As a partner, Anand uses his diverse knowledge and experience to guide the architectural, engineering and client teams to work together to deliver highly successful projects.
  • Goonmeet Singh Chauhan PartnerExperience : 23+ years
    Goonmeet is experienced in multiple facets of design including architecture, planning and urban design. Over his distinguished career, he has created landmarks like Select Citywalk and Cyberwalk. Alongwith his passion to use creativity, design and innovation, he is actively involved in the reform of city architecture with his numerous projects in public sector. In addition to architecture, he is taking a step forward for betterment of civic life through his upcoming book.
  • Anoj Tevatia PartnerExperience : 23+ years
    Anoj’s key strength lies in his unique creative flair at achieving distinctive concepts and quality spaces forming remarkable architectural designs. He is an artist of spaces, adding vibrant details that bring them alive. His interest resides in an architecture where the integration of building system technology and a sense of place is clearly expressed.  His enhanced ability to examine every nuance of design enables him to provide an effective solution to projects of varying scale and requirements.
  • Ashish Jaiswal DirectorExperience : 16 years
    Ar. Ashish Jaiswal graduated from Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad and joined us in 2002. He became an Associate in 2007 and Senior Associate in 2009. He has vast experience of renowned Group Housing & Retail Projects.
  • Girish C. Joshi Asst. DirectorExperience : 20+ years
    Girish C. Joshi is organized and well informed of latest trends in Architecture specially Green Building. While working with various well known architecture consultancies both at National & International level he has acquired experience in Designing Building like Hotel, Retail, Group Housing etc. His prestigious projects are Select City walk - Delhi, Cyber walk IT Park - Gurgaon and many more.
  • Navin Singh Asst. DirectorExperience : 21 years
    Ar. Navin Singh graduated from The Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai and joined us in 2002. He became an Associate in 2008 and Senior Associate in 2010. He has exceptional experience of Township, Group Housing & Commercial projects of any magnitude.
  • Anil Kalra Asst. DirectorExperience : 17 years
    Ar. Anil Kalra joined Design Forum International in 2001 as a junior Architect. He has been involved in many projects like Shopping malls, Commercial complexes, IT Parks, Group Housing and Residential projects of different magnitude in various part of the country.
  • Anuj Prabhakar Asst. DirectorExperience : 13 years
    Ar. Anuj Prabhakar graduated from C.R. State College of Engg., Murthal, Haryana. During the initial period of his professional career he worked on institutional, Residential and Interior projects. Theseprojects help him to explore the execution knowledge on site along with services. These projects gavehim immense confidence to work on the bigger scale projects. He has good hands on experience and expertise of Group Housing Projects.
  • Chanchal Jain Sr. AssociateExperience : 15 years
    Ar. Chanchal Jain completed B. Arch from DCRUST, Murthal, Haryana in 2003. Having an experience of more than 8 yrs with various organization in Indian & Overseas for Architecture and interior Project. Involved in all stages of the project i.e. from starting to completion. Presently he is handling Group Housing and Commercial projects.
  • Smirati Bhatnagar Sr. AssociateExperience : 12 Years
    One of the lead project designers at DFI, Smirati"s key strength lies in conceptualizing the project and meeting the client"s expectations and requirements during its early stages. Her interior design background and great attention to details and aesthetics, ensures a final product of unparalleled standards. She has worked in the designs and planning of the award winning projects like MSWT.


We are overwhelmed by so much recognition given to our works by the peers and industry. Following are the certifications for some of the prestigious awards that we have had the honor of receiving during our business tenure.

Bharat Jyoti Award, Outstanding services achievements and contributions, Anand Sharma

VM & RD Retail Design Awards, 2008, Merit Certificate, Shopping malls and arcades for Select Citywalk

Building Information Bureau (BIB)- Real Estate Services Award, 2009

Society Interiors,  Building design award 2011, runner up, best retail building design, Select Citywalk

Images Shopping Center Awards 2013 - Most Socially Responsible Shopping for Select Citywalk

NDTV - Grohe design and architecture award 2014, Nomination, Park View Spa

Realty Plus Excellence Awards (North) 2015, Architect of the Year (Residential)- Anoj Tevatia,  Michael Schumacher World Tower

Cityscape Awards 2016, Group Housing low rise, Shortlisted – Botanica

Competition Winners

  1. Ircon Office Building at Gurgaon
  2. Directorate Complex at Guwahati
  3. Air Force Museum at New Delhi
  4. NIT, Narela, NBCC


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